Weingut Lehnert Veit Moselle Germany

The Wines

2016 Kies Riesling Trocken -Gutswein-

An very all-classical Moselle style wine.. Minerality  and a light fruity play. Universal flux.

2016 Schiefer Riesling Trocken -Gutswein-

Slate and Rielsing – a love story. If the wine-grower comes along with some extraordinary fingertip feel, the result just end up with a wonderful fruit-acidity and sweetness interplay. A wine far away from the noisy everyday life.

2015 Goldtröpfchen Riesling GG -Große Lage-

Reduction to the essentials. No beat around the bush, straight to the point. Great acidity. Less yellow fruit and more spiciness. High density and compact. Just get your fingers off and wait a bit longer to integrate the aroma even better into the wine.

2016 Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese -Große Lage-

A true Goldtröpfen (gold drop) for the palate. Dense and complex. In his luggage, he carries exotic fruit reminiscent of Maracuja. Wonderful complexity and fruit-acidity interplay. A really exciting wine, which will develop extremely well over the years. Never bored. Promised.

The Interview

Warm-Up: How did you get into your vineyard today: car, bike or by boat – since there is an existing landing stage?

Well, with the tractor. I was at the Mulchen. Boot is somewhat impractical… :)

The vineyards are almost like an amphitheater picturesque embedded in the Mosellandschaft.. Which of your vineyard locations are particularly remarkable and why?


The “Goldtröpfen”, of course. This location is among the best in the world. The Romans already knew this: “Now another pageant is about to enter the amphitheater, gifts of Bacchus may delight the eye,  where over the steep slope the sublime peaks, mountains, sunny heaps, twisted loops, embedded foldings as a stage that stretches towards the sky.”

Nothing more than the vineyards above Piesport motivated  Ausonius in 371 to this hymnic description. The wines that can be produced in this mighty amphitheater deserve a hymn.

A soil with exceptional conditions and excellent water supply is the reason for an intensive minerality and a strong body. The aroma reminds of ripe, yellow summer fruits like peach, apricot and mirabelle.

Which personality should Riesling and Pinot Noir develop?

As natural as it can be. Just following the vintage conditions.

We are drinking your Pinot Noir right now: What is the uniqueness of your Pinot Noir?

We elaborate fine Pinot Noir with a great structure and fine acidity structure. Our Pinot Noir are unfiltered without any fining process or any add-ons like yeasts or bacteria. Just as the vineyard offers us the grapes.

The Moselle region and red wine, especially Pinot Noir, is not that present in the minds of consumers. Will we see an increase of interest regarding this topic in the future?

Definitely! We can already notice this right now. Good Pinot Noir from the Moselle is in high demand. All related to the special climate condition of the region.

The winery is run in the 10th generation. What differences have you experienced since your start in the wine market?

I started in 2009. I changed from cultural yeast to the spontaneous fermentation. The wines are just more interesting. We also not offer twelve bottle boxes in our company any more. The customers want a higher selection and fewer bottles. Also the „Mosel-Kabinett“ is highly demanded.

Who / What was your most exciting encounter regarding wine?

My most exciting encounter with wine was in New Zealand. A guy named Mike, owner and winemaker of Pyramid Valley. Through and through 100 percent biodynamics. And his Pinot Noirs, …. A madness. And, of course, the first „Conti“ I could try with Dirk Niepoort in Portugal. Amazing….

With whom would you like to make a wine together?

I do not know exactly. But definitely with someone from another region. This would be really exciting.

The winery is a member of the Bernkasseler Ring. What is it about and which advantages offers a membership?

The Bernkasteler Ring is the oldest auction association from the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer valley. But I think today the association should focus on companies that are all passionate about creating wines of top quality. In my opinion, the auction business is no longer a core business aspect.

After hard work in the vineyard, how to relax best?

Of course, I enjoy a glass of Mosel-Kabinett in our garden.