Spanish Moments and Wine


What do you associate with Spain? Maybe it's the good weather, passion or culinary art. Whatever it may be, wine is part of the Spanish way of life. A companion for various moments in life. Since Spain has the largest wine-growing area in the world, finding wines that are well-made is not always easy. Of course, doing well in the context of sustainability should be a good thing. Thanks in particular to small and medium-sized wineries, sustainability has become increasingly important. In order to actively promote sustainability for Spanish wine, the private initiative Spanish Organic Wines (SOW),founded in 2014, consists of 38 small to medium-sized wineries. The initiative is committed to act sustainably and is proactively and to the production of organic wines from Spain in conjunction with sustainability.

But what does sustainability mean for SOW? The organic wines, all certified with the European organic wine certification, are in harmony with nature, and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. For example, only natural and domestic yeasts are used to respect and restore the ecological balance in the vineyard. It is actively contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint and improved water balance.

To show the excellence of the wines, a creative wine tasting will take place on September 25th, at the TXOKOA GASTROBAR (Weserstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin). Already in the run-up of the event, bloggers were asked to send their photos from their personal Spanish moment: from a scenery from the Ebro river and valleys of Catalonia to forests of pine and olive trees plantations, over the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Those shots will be interpreted by the wine expert and he matches them to the perfect Spanish organic wine: “Spanish Moments and Wine”.

So it's going to be an exciting and creative tasting in every way that definitely comes up with some surprises. See you there!