The Unbound Bliss


A full success. That is what we think when we left the curational project from Berlin-based artists, Janine Eggert, Sibylle Jazra, Marte Kiessling and Christopher Sage. Creating a dialogue between the selected artists works and the architectural peculiarities of the former broadcasting center is nothing new. But creating a symbiosis between The Funkhaus Berlin, which was during the GDR a central broadcasting the state radio and television, and the presented art and performances of emerging artist, brings out something unique which is just possible in Berlin. To experience the tension between artwork and environment we higly recommend a visit.

Personal highlight for us has been the work of Jorinde Voigt.

Starting her works trying to get into research and with it trying to expand the meaning of the word. In fact, the development of the method of work started with few words, which became a lot, which turned into a 5×5 meter drawing. In her work she develops associations around a certain topic and find a form that can express something about a certain issue.
In between she works on daily topics. Certain things that people do and that they do every day in exactly the same way. Inspired by pictures, looking at things in the outside world, looking at art, reading literature and exploring the inner images and the understanding and visualizing of philosophical images she creates a unique structure which fascinates the observer by the beauty of complexity.

Exhibited work of Jorinde Voigt (see below): Masse und Macht II, Elias Canetti, “Rhythmus”, Matrix I-XII, Matrix 1-30, Rotationsrichtung 1-9 Umdrehungen/ Tag, Vorgestern → ∞, Gestern → ∞, Heute → ∞, Morgen → ∞, Übermorgen → ∞, Egomotion, Himmelsrichtung N-S, Jorinde Voigt, Berlin 2013, 46 x 61 cm
(Tinte, Blattgold 24 Karat, Bleistift, Fixativ auf Papier, Unikat, Signiert)