Bodega Sommos Somontano Spain Architecture

Bodega Sommos, Huesca, Spain

Bodega-Sommos-Architecture-jesus-marino- pascual-front

Sommos Bodega attracts attention, whether on the day or at night. The bodega planned by Jesus Marino Pascual fascinates by the alternation between prism-shaped and glass structures.

The setting stages a fascinating reflection of the light, whether through daylight or by night through the artificially staged light setting. The concept is puristically designed, cube and angle driven shapes, connecting the exterior and interior design as one piece of art.

Since 2008 a sustainable driven consideration of efficiency and design towards natural geared energy efficiency has taken place in the Bodega. More than half of the building is constructed underground, with savings of up to 70 percent on climate control. Furthermore, technologies have been developed that allow better preservation of the aromas by optimizing the transport and processing of the grapes while the harvest were shifted into night hours.

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