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    • 28. June 2017

      The Coolest Wine Labels Of 2017, Part I

      This two-part Coolest Labels series continues to reflect the increasing attention that winemakers are paying to the piece of paper that goes on their bottle. Each time I gather up potential candidates for this slideshow I stumble across a winery that is working in partnership with graphic designers to create wine labels.

    • 27. June 2017

      Don’t Bug Out: The Latest Food Trend Has Drinkers Pairing Insects With Alcohol

      Traditionally, when a westerner talks about bugs and beer, they’re cheekily referring to the airborne bacteria that can settle into a brew undergoing fermentation in an open vessel to lend sour, funky or other desirable flavors. But these days, someone squeamish about insects (AKA me) can’t count on that reassurance.

    • 23. June 2017

      Anson: So Brexit is happening - what next for the wine trade? - Decanter

      Jane Anson reports on a debate at Vinexpo in Bordeaux on the possible Brexit fallout for the wine trade, as UK and European Union officials begin talks. This is the week it just got real.

    • 22. June 2017

      One of the world’s best sparkling wines is on sale at Lidl for £7.99

      A £7.99 bottle of Lidl sparkling wine has been named one of world’s best, and categorised alongside Champagnes costing upwards of five times the price. The chain’s Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV was given the “Silver Outstanding” award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition - as was the Veuve Clicquot 2008 vintage Champagne, which is currently available from Sainsbury’s for £50.

    • 21. June 2017

      6 Ways That Climate Change Affects The Wine In Your Glass

      “Is climate change really affecting the wine in my glass?” That was the question that any consumer in the audience yesterday would have had answered, as a panel dedicated to climate change in the wine industry helped to kick off a very strong program of events at Vinexpo, the four-day, biennial trade fair in Bordeaux that has just begun.

    • 14. June 2017

      Lidl Wins 101 Medals At International Wine Competition

      The recent results from the Los Angeles International Wine Competition placed Lidl US at No. 1 among retail exhibitors, beating all other wineries at the 2017 event. The winner was selected through blind tastings. Lidl was awarded 101 medals, including 16 gold medals, five best of class, 52 silver medals and 33 bronze medals.

    • 13. June 2017

      Wine lables may influence how much you like the drink

      Cleverly written wine label descriptions can make a person enjoy the drink more and pay a higher cost for a bottle, a new study has found. The research, published in the journal Food Research International, shows that consumers are more influenced

    • 12. June 2017

      eto decanter reaches Kickstarter target in 32 hours - Decanter

      A decanter that claims to preserve wine for just under two weeks has reached it’s funding from Kickstarter in just under 32 hours. The sleek-looking ‘eto’ decanter both decants and works as a wine preserver, according to its inventors, who claimed the device can keep open wine fresh for 12 days.

    • 29. May 2017

      Five Wine Trends That Will Shape Your Summertime Drinking

      Memorial Day heralds the unofficial arrival of summer. Which means that it’s also the beginning of warm-weather drinking season. The time has come, then, to take stock of the current landscape of wines in the United States, and the trends that are shaping how we all will be imbibing over the next several months.

    • 24. May 2017

      How a small glass of red wine a day INCREASES breast cancer risk

      Just half a glass of wine or a small beer a day increases the risk of breast cancer, a new report says. The study, by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), found convincing evidence a healthy diet, exercise, limiting alcohol and watching your weight can all reduce the risk of breast cancer.

    • 22. May 2017

      Wine Talk: It’s almost Shavuot!

      Hard to believe today, but in the early 1990s most of the wines drunk in Israel were white. Then a few things happened to change the masses to red. Firstly there was the American TV program 60 Minutes, which highlighted the “French paradox.”

    • 19.May 2017

      1,730 new plant species discovered, says report

      Over 1,700 new species of plants have been discovered in the past year, with many having potential as food crops, medicines or sources of timber, according to a new report. However, some of the newly-discovered plants are already at risk of extinction, said scientists at The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in the UK.

    • 18. May 2017

      And the best sommelier in Europe and Africa is… - Decanter

      A tense final in Austria has seen one sommelier rise above rivals to be named the best in Europe and Africa. Raimonds Tomsons, of Riga in Latvia, has been named the best sommelier in Europe and Africa after he beat rivals at the grand final held by the International Sommelier Association in Vienna.

    • 17.May 2017

      Mit Weinflaschen im Flugzeug: High and Dry

      Schon einmal mit dem Gedanken gespielt, Weine aus dem eigenen Keller Freunden in Übersee anzubieten oder auch nur zu einer Probe nach Bordeaux mitzunehmen, nur eine Flugstunde entfernt? Oder schon einmal vor der Frage gestanden, wie ein wertvolles Geschenk in Gestalt von zwei oder drei Flaschen den Transport von Australien oder Uruguay nach Hause heil überstehen könnte?

    • 12. May 2017

      HelloFresh is launching a wine club, taking a page from the Blue Apron playbook

      As competition among them heats up, meal kit startups are expanding their repertoire, including by selling their dinner kits at groceries and adding new products to their catalogs. Today, early meal kit player HelloFresh announced the availability of wines on their site beginning May 17th.

    • 11. May 2017

      China is Building an $870 Million Wine Themed Wonderland

      If you approach the Changyu Chateau, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’re cruising Medieval Italy. In reality, you’d be in China, touring an $870 million “wine city.” Wine City is a “hybrid of production facility, tourist attraction, and trippy fantasia,” Bloomberg writes. It’s 1,000 acres have a chateau and three other new-Gothic structures, vineyards, …

    • 10.May 2017


      Die bundesweite Weinmosternte des Jahrgangs 2016 beläuft sich auf 9,1 Millionen Hektoliter und liegt damit um zwei Prozent über dem Vorjahresertrag. Dies teilte das Deutsche Weininstitut (DWI) auf Basis der endgültigen Ernteergebnisse des Statistischen Bundesamtes mit. Wie das DWI betont, unterliegen die Ernteergebnisse allerdings aufgrund der Wetterkapriolen des vergangenen Jahres regional und einzelbetrieblich sehr großen Schwankungen.

    • 9. May 2017

      Step aside, Prosecco: ‘Trentodoc’ is the next big thing

      Here in the UK, we can’t get enough Prosecco. Sparkly Prosecco, blue Prosecco, Prosecco-flavoured nail varnish; as long as it has those eight letters and sparkles, we’ll inhale it all. But…

    • 8. May 2017

      French champagne house Taittinger plants first vines in English soil

      One of France’s most prestigious champagne brands is hoping to capitalise on Britain’s wine boom after planting its first vines on English soil last week. Taittinger has chosen a vineyard near the Kent village of Chilham as the site for its venture into English sparkling wine, with the first bottle due to be drunk in 2023.

    • 4. May 2017

      A New Study Encourages Wine Distributors To Look Into The Future/s

      Forward thinking isn’t exactly the hallmark of a government protected business, but that’s the suggestion to wine distributors found in Wine Analytics: Fine Wine Pricing and Selection under Weather and Market Uncertainty, a paper put forth by researchers Mert Hakan Hekimoğlu ( Lally School of Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Burak Kazaz ( Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University) and Scott Webster (W.P.

    • 3. May 2017


      Direkt aus dem dpa-Newskanal Mainz (dpa) - Den “Bezeichnungsdschungel” auf den Etiketten der Weinflaschen in Deutschland möchte der Präsident des Verbandes Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP) lichten. “Ein Fass Wein kann mit 15 bis 20 verschiedenen Bezeichnungen abgefüllt werden”, sagte Steffen Christmann der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. “Den Kunden ist das zu kompliziert.”

    • 02. May 2017

      Amber warning light flashes for China’s wine imports in 2017 - Decanter

      New figures from Chinese customs officials show that wine import growth has slowed in the first few months of 2017, prompting caution in a market that has seen ups and downs in the past few years. Over-stocking has been blamed for slowdown in wine imports in China in the first three months of 2017.

    • 18.April 2017

      U.S. Is Falling in Love With Pricey New Zealand Wine

      The U.S. became New Zealand’s largest wine market in 2015, and data from Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates show the value of wine shipped to the U.S. passed Australia’s last year. Bloomberg’s Tracy Withers reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

    • 12. April 2017

      China is now Chile’s most lucrative wine export market - Decanter

      China has overtaken the US as the biggest wine export market for Chilean wineries in terms of value, show new figures. Chile exported US$195 million worth of wine to China in 2016, compared to an export value of $183 million to the US and $148 million to the UK, according to Wines of Chile’s latest sales report.

    • 11. April 2017

      Cuban winery uses condoms for production

      A 65-year-old Cuban has discovered an unusual way to help ferment home-made tropical fruit wines. At his house in the southern Havana neighbourhood of El Canal, Orestes Estevez and his family fill glass jugs with wine made from grapes, raisins, beets, papaya, bananas, ginger and even watercress before slipping a condom over each container.